Elyse Gamiao

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My Background

The newsroom is my comfort place; it's where I got to eat lunch with my sister, the first place I was accepted in high school and where I can go to when I need some quiet time. Starting high school during the pandemic, I didn't know what to expect from school when quarantine ended. But from the start, I could always go to the journalism room to find some peace. 

Eventually, I decided to pick up the pencil and try journalism out for myself, fostering my creativity and passion for words. 

This portfolio shows how I went from being a feature editor to being the Editor-in-Chief, managing a team. Journalism as a tool of activism is my compass, guiding everything from my reporting, to my leadership, to the lessons I've learned and to the skills I grew along the way.

Individual Awards

At the 2023 Spring JEA/NSPA National High School Journalism Convention in San Francisco, I was recognized Superior in Newswriting for the NSMC

Spring of 2023 I was also awarded:

Las Vegas Review-Journal

  • 1st place in Best News Photo
  • 3rd place in Best Illustration

Scholastic Journalism group for Southern Nevada (SNSJ)

  • Superior in Illustration
  • Superior in Opinion Page Design
  • Honorable mention in Serious Opinion

Positions Through the Years

  • Editor-in-Chief (2023-24)
  • Feature Editor (2022-23)

Journalism staff goes to San Francisco Bay!